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Calories Burned Boxing Calculator

The purpose of the calories burned boxing calculator is to provide individuals with an estimation of the number of calories burned during a boxing workout. By inputting certain variables such as weight, duration of the workout, and intensity level, users can get a rough idea of how many calories they are likely to burn.

This tool can be beneficial for those who are looking to track their calorie expenditure, set fitness goals, or monitor their progress over time. It provides valuable information that can help individuals make informed decisions about their workouts and overall fitness journey.

What Is Metabolic Equivalent For Task?

Metabolic Equivalent for Task, also known as MET, is a measure used to estimate the amount of energy expended during physical activities. Specifically, a MET value of 3.5 ml kg min oxygen uptake indicates the rate at which your body consumes oxygen while performing a task. This measurement can then be used to calculate the number of calories burned during that activity.

Understanding the concept of MET is essential for accurately determining how many calories you are burning while engaged in different exercises or daily activities. By knowing your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and using MET values, you can calculate how many extra calories you are burning on top of what your body naturally burns to carry out regular bodily functions.

The significance of this information lies in its ability to help you make informed decisions about exercise intensity and duration, thus helping you achieve specific fitness goals more effectively. For example, if boxing has a MET value of 10, whereas walking has a value of 4, it means that boxing will burn more calories per minute compared to walking. Armed with this knowledge, it becomes easier to plan workouts that maximize calorie burn and push yourself towards weight loss or maintenance targets.

How The Calories Burned Boxing Calculator Works?

The calculator works by utilizing a specific calculation method that is based on the metabolic equivalent for task (MET). This method provides an estimate of the energy expenditure or calories burned during physical activities.

To ensure accurate results, there are certain input variables that need to be provided. These variables include factors such as body weight, duration of activity, and intensity level. By inputting these variables into the calculator, it can calculate the estimated calorie expenditure for a particular activity.

The MET value assigned to each activity reflects the amount of energy expended per unit of body weight per hour of activity. This value is then multiplied by the body weight and duration of the activity to determine the total calories burned.

By using this calculation method and considering the input variables, the calculator provides users with an estimation of the calories burned during different types of physical activities. It serves as a helpful tool in monitoring and managing one’s energy expenditure during exercise or daily activities.

Input Variables For The Calculator

Boxing Activity

When it comes to obtaining accurate calculations of the calories burned during a boxing workout session, there are several key input variables that need to be considered. Firstly, the type of boxing activity being performed can greatly impact the number of calories burned. Whether it’s sparring with an opponent, hitting a punching bag, or engaging in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) drills, each activity requires different levels of energy expenditure and skill.


In addition to the boxing activity itself, the duration of your workout session is another crucial input variable for accurate calorie calculations. For instance, a 30-minute intense sparring session will likely burn more calories compared to a 20-minute light shadowboxing routine. Your body constantly adapts and adjusts its calorie usage based on factors such as heart rate and intensity level throughout different time intervals within your workout.


Last but not least, your weight plays a significant role in determining how many calories you burn while participating in any form of boxing activity. The higher your weight (in kilograms), the more energy you will need to exert during physical exercise due to having more mass to move. Therefore, individuals with greater weight tend to burn more calories than those who weigh less when engaging in the same boxing activities for equal durations.

Calculation Formula

The calculation for the calories burned boxing calculator:

(Activity MET x 3.5 x Weight in KG) x Duration (in minutes) / 200 = Calories Burned

The calculation formula for determining the calories burned is as follows:

  • To calculate the calories burned, you need to consider three input variables: Activity MET, weight in kilograms, and duration in minutes.
  • First, multiply the Activity MET by 3.5 and then multiply that result by the weight in kilograms. This part of the formula calculates the energy expenditure based on the intensity of the activity and your body weight.
  • Next, take that result and multiply it by the duration of the activity in minutes. This step accounts for how long you engaged in the physical activity.
  • Finally, divide this final result by 200 to determine the number of calories burned during that specific activity.

Please note that this formula is a general estimation and may not be entirely accurate for everyone. The actual number of calories burned can vary depending on individual factors such as age, gender, fitness level, and metabolism rate.

Calculation Example

Let’s say someone weighs 70 kilograms and they engage in a punching bag activity that has a MET value of 5.5, let’s say someone engages in this activity for 45 minutes:

Calories Burned = (5.5 x 3.5 x 70 kg) x 45 minutes / 200

Now, plug in the values and calculate:

(5.5 x 3.5 x 70) x 45 / 200 or (1347.5) x 45 / 200

Calories Burned = 303 kcal

So, when a person who weighs 70 kilograms who hits the punching bag for 45 minutes, they would burn approximately 303.1875 calories.