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The Best List Of Great Action Boxing Movies To Watch On Youtube

Boxing Movies

In the world of boxing, there are many great boxing movies to watch. Some of them have been made in the past and some have been made more recently, but they all tell a story about what it means to be a boxer.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the best boxing movies that are available for you to watch on youtube. The list of boxing movies below is arranged from the most recent to the oldest movies.

Creed III (2023)

The third installment of the Creed series, helmed by Michael B. Jordan, follows the narrative of Adonis Creed. Michael B. Jordan portrays Adonis, who emerges from retirement to face his childhood pal, Damian “Diamond” Anderson, played by Jonathan Majors.

The boxing bout between the two acquaintances is fraught with emotions as they share a history. The movie delves into Adonis Creed’s backstory and his journey towards personal development, while also exploring themes of camaraderie and competition.

Creed II (2018)

This movie is the sequel to Creed (2015). It continues the story of Adonis Creed who went on to become a boxing champion after his father Apollo Creed was killed in a boxing match.

Hands of Stone (2016)

This movie is about the life of legendary boxer Roberto Duran. It tells the story of how he rose to become a boxing champion and eventually lost everything.

Chuck (2016)

This is a movie about the life of Chuck Wepner, a man who went from being a liquor salesman to fighting against boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

Bleed for This (2016)

This movie is about the life of one of boxing’s greatest champions, Vinny Paz. It tells the story of how he went on to become a boxing champion after being told he would never even be able to walk again.

Southpaw (2015)

Billy “The Great” Hope, an undefeated champion who has achieved everything in his life except for being a good father to his daughter. After losing her, he becomes determined to get everything back and become the best boxer once again.

Creed (2015)

This movie is about the life of Adonis Creed. He is the son of Apollo Creed who was killed in a boxing match against another boxer, the son of a famous boxing champion goes on to continue his father’s legacy but also has to try and live up to expectations.

The Fighter (2010)

A boxer who has a lot of potentials but keeps getting distracted by his drug addictions and love life. He meets up again with his brother who is now a successful boxer. While trying to get out of the miserable life that he has become trapped in, he meets up with his brother who tries to lead him onto the right track.

Rocky Balboa (2006)

The 6th Rocky movie, it continues the story of Rocky in his later years, completely out of shape and at an extremely low point in his life. After being inspired by a young boxer, he goes on to give it one more shot at becoming the best.

Cinderella Man (2005)

A boxer whose boxing career was over after losing 5 fights in a row. He had to give up his title and everything he had worked so hard for. After a year of working as a shipyard worker, he is inspired to come back and become the boxer that everyone was expecting.

Against the Ropes (2004)

This movie is about a woman named Jackie Kallen who was one of the first female boxing promoters in the United States. She goes through many struggles in her life and even risks losing everything, but she continues to fight and do whatever it takes to make sure that boxing is a success.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

A retired boxer meets up with a determined woman who wants to become a boxer. He agrees to train her and tries his best to make sure that she succeeds.

Ali (2001)

This movie is about the life of Muhammad Ali, who went from being a fighter in a boxing ring to a man that stood up for what he believed in.

The Hurricane (1999)

 A movie about Rubin Carter, who is an extremely successful middleweight boxer. He has the chance to fight the heavyweight champion, but his whole life is then turned upside down when he is arrested for a triple murder that he did not commit.

The Boxer (1997)

Danny Flynn is a loyal son who always tries to do what is right for his family. He dreams about becoming an undefeated boxing champion but when he becomes a boxer his family falls into hard times and he is forced to fight in order to provide for them.

Tyson (1995)

It tells the story of Mike Tyson’s life from when he was in high school, to becoming a professional boxer and then going on to become one of the greatest ever.

Gladiator (1992)

Tommy is an introvert with few friends and he’s not the social type. After his father moves to Chicago, Tommy steps into a different world: underground boxing! He befriends some characters who have him convinced that they can help get rid of all debt owed by paying it off.

Rocky V (1990)

The 5th Rocky movie. In this one, Rocky gets his fortune stolen from him by his former friend and goes on to get back what he lost by training up a young boxer.

Homeboy (1988)

A tough small-time boxer with a brain injury falls for the girl of his dreams but also makes friends in high places when he befriends Wesley who is planning on joining up.

Heart (1987)

A middleweight boxer is training for the biggest match of his career, but he doesn’t know that his manager has set up an unfair arrangement where he must lose. The odds are against him and things do not look promising.

Rocky IV (1985)

In this movie, Rocky has been retired from boxing for a few years and is enjoying life. He soon gets challenged to a fight by another boxer and he has to decide if he wants to come back and fight.

Rocky III (1982)

In this movie, Rocky has been a huge success as an undefeated boxer. He now has everything that you could dream of, but soon gets tempted to fight his former friend Apollo Creed. The outcome will be a battle for the world championship belt.

Honeyboy (1982)

A young man is taken under the wing of a ruthless boxing promoter. He soon becomes one of the best middleweight boxers in the world, but later finds out that his huge victory was fixed by his promoter.

Penitentiary II (1982)

The sequel to the movie Penitentiary, this one follows a boxer after he is released from prison and how he starts to get involved with other shady characters.

Raging Bull (1980)

Jake La Motta’s life is turned upside down when he has to deal with his problems outside of boxing.

Any Which Way You Can (1980)

In this story, a man takes part in bare-knuckle fighting so he can make more money than what his car repair business could offer. But when it’s time to retire from these fights and leave behind an established legacy as one of the best in bare-knuckle fighting, he finds it difficult to retire.

Rocky II (1979)

In this movie, Rocky has made a name for himself but cannot get the world championship belt. He decides to go up against Apollo Creed once again and this time, he’ll do whatever it takes to win.

Penitentiary (1979)

A young man ends up in a prison where he starts to fight for money. He becomes good at it and has the chance to rise up in the ranks.

Rocky (1976)

A film about a down on his luck boxer who gets a once in a lifetime chance to fight the heavyweight champion of the world.

Hard Times (1975)

A man with a dark past gets involved in underground street fighting to survive and ends up making a name for himself.

Fat City (1972)

Tully is a washed-up boxer, but he sees potential in the teenager Ernie. Despite their differences and past demons that Tully battles with alcohol while fighting at the gym to overcome his own personal obstacles for success like drug addiction.

it’s because of these two characters we are able to see just how far an individual can go when they’re not afraid or ashamed about who they really want to become.

Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962)

Life can be cruel, and so is boxing. A boxer whose career has fallen on hard times gets badly injured in a fight that ends his fighting days for good, but with the help of an unlikely ally, he might just get justice after all.

The Leather Saint (1956)

A promising young boxer enters the ring to fight in a match for charity.

The Harder They Fall (1956) 

A journalist gets involved in the boxing world and when he starts writing about corruption surrounding it, his life is threatened.

The Joe Louis Story (1953)

The life story of the heavyweight boxing champion of the world joe louis fighting opponents and fighting racism out of the ring.

The Ring (1952)

When one too many bigots take a shot at a young man, the young man can’t take it anymore and decides to fight back. Unbeknownst to himself, he possesses an incredible gift: boxing!

The Fighter (1952)

Conte, a young boxer, fights to keep what’s left of himself intact while fighting through one challenge after another until he can find peace from all that has happened.

Champion (1949)

 A boxer who fights his way to fame eventually separates himself from the people who helped him get to the top.

Gentleman Jim (1942)

The movie is about boxer Jim Corbett who fights to transform boxing into a sport that was more brawling in the 19th century.

City for Conquest (1940)

A musician was inspired by his brother (a boxer) to become a musician in the professional world after he became blind during his brother’s fight.

They Made Me a Criminal (1939)

A boxing champion in the world gets set up and falsely accused of murder, the boxer runs away to Arizona and ends up working for an old lady on a ranch. A detective followed the boxer, will the detective be able to resolve the case?

Prison Shadows (1936)

The movie is about a boxer who gets framed for the murder of his opponent after he dies in the ring, he later discovers the fight was the fight was fixed and finds out he was not responsible for the death of the opponent.

They Never Come Back (1932)

A boxer who retired due to an injury, un retires to help a young singer achieve their dreams.


With the recent release of Creed II, we put together a list of some great boxing movies for you to watch. Whether it’s watching Rocky fight Clubber Lang or Jake LaMotta going toe-to-toe against Sugar Ray Robinson in Raging Bull.

These are all must-see films that have been enjoyed by many over the years and will continue to entertain boxing fans for generations more. 

We will update the movie list whenever a new boxing film is available to watch on Youtube. Some movies on this list are free to watch but there are other films you’ll need to pay for, all you need to do it click the ‘buy or rent‘ button to watch the movie you want.

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