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Adrien Broner Breaks Ties With BLK Prime

Adrien Broner, the former four-division boxing champion, has cut ties with BLK Prime, a streaming platform he signed a contract with last year. The decision was made after several of Broner’s fights scheduled to be aired on the platform were cancelled, leading to frustration and a breakdown in the relationship.

In a statement released on social media, Broner said: “I’m just gonna come out and let everybody know me and BLK Prime have decided to part ways,” Broner said. “There’s no bad blood, they just couldn’t deliver everything that I needed at this point in my career.

“Right now I’m in tip-top shape, I got myself in shape, I dropped all my vices, I’m not clubbing, I’m not drinking, I’m ready to fight so hit me up. AB a free agent, man. Let’s do this. Like I said, I’m ready to fight today, anybody.”

Following his announcement, fans and fellow boxers alike took to social media to express their support for Broner and speculate about his future plans. Some suggested that he may sign with another promotional company, while others wondered if this was the end of his boxing career.

Whatever the future holds for Broner, it is clear that he is not content with the status quo and is determined to find a way to get back in the ring and continue his boxing career.