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Errol Spence: “I’m Like The Tim Duncan Of Boxing”

Errol Spence Discusses Terence Crawford Fight, Potential Canelo Alvarez Bout, and the Dallas Cowboys

In a recent interview at Dallas Cowboys stadium, unified boxing champion Errol Spence opened up about his upcoming fight with Terence Crawford, the possibility of facing Canelo Alvarez, and shared his thoughts on the struggling Dallas Cowboys.

When asked about what sets him apart from Crawford and gives him an edge in their upcoming fight, Spence confidently stated, “I feel like I’m I’m the stronger fighter I feel like I’m more durable especially if we stand there and we go at each other. I just feel like I just got the better fundamentals I feel like boxing wise, I’m like I’m Tim duncan of boxing, I got all the fundamentals you know the jab, hook whatever it is, blocking whatever.

“I do everything right and I just feel like I’m just gonna be the better fighter overall, I mean he has a lot of talent you know, skills you know he can move. Basically if I related to basketball it’s like Tim Duncan versus Garnett”

Spence also revealed his plans if Crawford fails to initiate a rematch clause, stating, “If he doesn’t initiate the rematch clause, then I’m moving up to 154 pounds.” This comment hints at a potential weight division change for Spence, which may be against the super welterweight undisputed champion Jermell Charlo in the future.

When the topic shifted to a potential showdown with boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez, Spence expressed interest in the bout. “We’re not thinking about Canelo right now, but if the fight comes across the table, I would definitely take it. Weight-wise, 165 or 168 pounds is more my natural range, and it would be easier for me to make that weight,” he explained.

Addressing the topic of being excluded from conversations about pound-for-pound rankings, Spence acknowledged his year-long absence from the sport due to inactivity but pointed out his current standing. “I mean they probably not mentioned my name because you know I’ve been out for a year but I am ranked like I think four or five in the pound per pound.

“So, it used to mean a lot more to me you know back when I was younger, but you know right now it’s more about you know legacy, it’s more about getting the defining fights. It’s more about getting a huge payday, because at the end of the day you know you see a lot of fighters even in the hall of fame, 99% of these fighters in the hall of fame you know either they die broke or they were broke when they got into the hall of fame.”

“So with me, it’s all about financial literacy and just making sure that I’m 100% on point with my financials so when it’s all said and done I can retire peacefully and still be able to take care of my kids to better do the things that I’ve been doing while I’m boxing I can do after boxing” he emphasized.

Switching gears to football, the interviewer asked Spence if he could offer any insights to the Dallas Cowboys, a team that has struggled to win titles in recent years. Spence humorously responded, “When was the last time we won a title? Like 26 years ago?” Corrected by the reporter that it was actually 27 years ago in 1995,

Spence added, “I’m not in the team sport you know, I got my coach and everything you know I can tell them the mindset and things like that about you know being focused, determination and willpower. But you know that’s on them so you know hopefully this year we got a great team great lineup, great wide receiver, cornerbacks. I feel like we can do something, everybody got to be on the same accord, got be focused and on point so you know hopefully we can do that.”

As fans eagerly await Spence’s clash with Crawford on July 29th and keep an eye on the potential matchup with Canelo in the future, the boxing world continues to admire his skills and determination. And while his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys may not directly influence their fortunes, his words about focus and unity resonate with fans hoping for a successful season ahead.