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Liam Smith Defeats Chris Eubank Jr In 4th Round Knockout

In an intense middleweight showdown on Saturday, Liam Smith delivered a fourth-round knockout to Chris Eubank Jr in front of a packed crowd at the AO Arena in Manchester, England.

The first three rounds had Eubank Jr on top, as he used his speed and footwork to outmaneuver Smith and land some solid punches. But in the fourth, Smith found his groove.

He backed Eubank Jr into the corner and let loose with a flurry of punches, the final one being a devastating left uppercut that sent Eubank Jr crashing to the canvas. Despite beating the count, Eubank Jr was clearly dazed, and Smith took advantage by landing two more knockdowns before the referee called an end to the fight.

The victory was a huge one for Smith but for Eubank Jr, it was a disappointing end to what was shaping up to be a strong performance. However, he immediately called for a rematch, stating in a post-fight interview, “I was dominating the fight and want rematch!”

The fight between Smith and Eubank Jr was a thrilling back-and-forth battle between two skilled fighters, and fans will be eagerly awaiting a potential rematch. In the meantime, Smith will likely be looking for more high-profile opponents in the middleweight division, as he looks to cement his place as a top contender.

It was a great fight and a great performance from both fighters, Smith proved that he has the power and the stamina to handle a young and quick fighter like Eubank Jr, while Eubank Jr showed that he has the skills and the technique to compete with a veteran and experienced fighter like Smith.

The rematch is definitely something that fans are looking forward to, as both fighters will be looking to prove that they are the better fighter.