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How Many Calories Does a Boxing workout Burn?

Boxing workouts are a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that utilizes upper and lower body movements. This type of workout is designed to increase cardiovascular endurance, build muscular strength, and improve coordination. 

It typically involves quick changes in direction, jumping rope, shadowboxing, heavy bag work, and other exercises such as squats and push-ups. This type of exercise can help to burn anywhere from 200 calories and above per hour depending on the intensity of the workout.

Knowing how many calories you’re burning during a boxing workout can be an important tool for creating a personalized fitness plan that meets your goals. 

With an understanding of how much energy you’re expending each time you train with boxing drills or other forms of HIIT exercise, it’s possible to adjust your dietary intake accordingly so that you reach your desired level of weight loss or gain in muscle mass. 

Additionally, knowing how many calories you’re burning during your workouts will give you more insight into what kind of progress you’re making versus simply relying on how hard it feels while doing the exercises.

This blog will cover various aspects related to burning calories through boxing workouts including tips for optimizing calorie burn efficiency and recommendations for common mistakes beginners make when engaging in this form of exercise. 

We’ll also discuss different types of boxing drills that can be used depending on one’s goals such as increasing aerobic capacity or building strength endurance.

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Factors That Affect Calories You Burn

The intensity of the workout is a major factor that affects calorie burn during boxing. The harder and more intense the workout, the higher amount of calories will be burned. 

High-intensity workouts are considered to be any exercise that involves an increased heart rate and breathing for a sustained period of time. Boxing with high-intensity intervals or doing circuit training can help maximize calorie burn. 

The duration of the workout also impacts how many calories are burned during a boxing session. The longer you box, the more calories you’ll burn.

Body weight is another factor that affects calorie burn during boxing; heavier people generally require more energy to perform exercises than lighter people do, resulting in higher levels of caloric expenditure. 

Gender also influences calorie burn because men typically have more muscle mass than women do, which leads them to burning more calories when performing aerobic activities such as boxing.

Age is also a factor because older adults tend to have lower metabolic rates and less muscle mass than younger adults due to age-related changes in their bodies’ compositions over time, leading them to expend fewer overall calories.

While participating in physical activities such as boxing versus their younger counterparts who may expend significantly more on average when engaging in similar activities.

How To Calculate Calories Burned During A Boxing Workout?

Heart Rate Monitor: A heart rate monitor is one of the most accurate ways to calculate how many calories you burned in a boxing workout. The device will track your heart rate throughout the session and provide an estimate based on your age, weight, and gender. 

To use it correctly, make sure you wear it snugly against your skin before beginning your workout so it can accurately measure your heart rate at all times. With this information, the monitor can tell you how many calories were burned during that particular session.

Fitness Tracker: Another way to calculate the number of calories burned in a boxing workout is with a fitness tracker or smartwatch. Many of these devices are equipped with sensors that track motion and activity levels while you work out, providing an estimate of how many calories were expended during that time frame.

If you have access to one of these tracking devices, it can be very helpful in determining exactly how much energy was used up during each session so you know what to adjust for future workouts if need be.

Calorie Calculator: Finally, another efficient way to estimate calorie expenditure from boxing workouts is by using an our online calorie calculator tool. All you have to do is input details about yourself, the exercise you performed and how long you did the activity, then it will calculate how many calories you burned.

Average Calorie Burned During Boxing Workouts

To know how calories you burn, you must know the calories burned formula which consists of activity MET value, duration and body weight: (Activity MET x 3.5 x weight in kg) x Duration (in minutes) / 200 = Calories Burned

The MET or Metabolic Equivalent of Task is a unit used to measure the intensity of physical activity. It is a way to quantify how hard someone is working during an exercise, and it helps determine the number of calories burned. The higher the MET value, the greater amount of energy expended and calories burned in that time frame.

MET values are based on an individual’s full oxygen consumption (VO2) during exercise, which can be measured through various methods such as indirect calorimetry. Generally speaking, activities with higher intensity have higher 

MET values than those with lower intensities because they require more effort from the body and burn more calories per minute. For example, boxing has a high-intensity rating due to its forceful movements and fast pace and would therefore have a higher MET value than something like walking.

The duration of exercise also affects calorie expenditure; typically, shorter exercises will burn fewer calories than longer workouts due to limited energy output. 

However, this does not always hold true for all activities; for example, even though boxing workouts tend to be shorter than other forms of cardio such as running on a treadmill or cycling outside—it still burns significant amounts of calories due to its high-intensity nature.

Here is the following example: Duration (15 minutes) for each activity and weight of the individual (70kg) will be used for the example below

  • Calories burned when sparring is 143cal
  • Calories burned when punching bags is 101cal
  • Calories when doing pad work is 193cal
  • Calories burned when shadow boxing is 119cal

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Calories Burned In Other Workouts

The following workout activities below use the same duration (15 mins) and weight (70 kg) as the boxing workout example above, this will help you give you an idea of how many calories are burned compared to boxing workouts.


Out of all exercises, this traditional activity is the king of burning calories let’s use the same duration and weight as before for the boxing workouts. If an individual decided to run at a speed of 7 miles per hour for 15 minutes they would approximately burn 202 calories.

Weight lifting

If somebody lifted weights with vigorous effort and did multiple weight-lifting exercises for a total of 15 minutes they would approximately burn 110 calories.


If an individual swims normally (swimming crawl) but with vigorous effort for 15 minutes then would approximately burn 153 calories.


If someone cycled for 15 minutes at speed of 14 mph with vigorous effort then the individual would burn 184 calories.

Tips To Maximize Calorie Burn During Boxing Workouts

Warm-up is key to maximize the calorie burn during a boxing workout. Stretching exercises and dynamic movements such as jogging or jumping jacks are important to increase body temperature, get the heart rate up and prepare muscles for physical activity. The warm-up should last 10-15 minutes before starting any punching drills or heavy bag work.

Intervals are a great way to push intensity levels during a boxing workout. Incorporating 30 seconds of high-paced punches followed by 30 seconds of rest can help maximize calorie burn in comparison to sustained bouts of punching at the same pace and intensity. 

Additionally, incorporating more movements such as cardio drills and calisthenics can help keep your heart rate elevated throughout the session.

Proper form is essential for effective calorie burning when doing a boxing workout. Using proper technique on all punches will ensure that you’re engaging more muscle groups and that you’re getting the maximum benefit from each punch thrown in order to get through rounds quicker and burn more calories in less time. 

Additionally, using heavier weights on bags or focus mitts can also aid with increased calorie burning when throwing combinations with proper form.


Boxing is an intense workout that can help burn calories and lose weight. It is a full-body workout that challenges strength, endurance, speed, agility, balance, coordination and more. Boxing workouts are effective for burning calories because of the combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises included in each session. 

A typical boxing workout can easily burn 500 or more calories depending on the type of exercise intensity you choose. The higher the intensity level of your session, the more calories you will burn during your training period. 

Additionally, boxing provides a great cardiovascular workout which helps boost metabolism and encourages fat loss from all over your body.

Overall, boxing is an excellent way to get your daily dose of physical activity while simultaneously burning lots of calories in a short amount of time. 

Not only that but it also increases muscular strength and endurance while improving overall athleticism and coordination skills as well. If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to challenge yourself while losing weight in the process then give boxing a try!

Frequently asked questions

How many calories does 30 minutes of boxing burn?

The amount of calories burned during a 30-minute boxing workout depends on the intensity of the exercise and body weight. For example, a 70kg individual who does 15 minutes of hitting punching bags (speed bag, heavy bag, etc), did pad work for 10 minutes and some shadow boxing for 5 minutes they can expect to burn 270 calories. 

The heavier the person, the more calories they will burn due to their body having to work harder than someone who is lighter. Additionally, if they increase the intensity at which they do the punches, they can expect to burn even more calories in that time frame.

The type of punch used also plays an important role in how many calories are burned during a boxing workout. Punches such as jabs or hooks require explosive power and will result in higher calorie burning compared to slow paced punches like uppercuts. 

Working with an experienced trainer can help individuals learn proper technique when it comes to punching which increases efficiency and effectiveness when it comes burning extra calories from boxing workouts.

Is boxing a good way to Lose Weight?

Boxing is an effective way to lose weight because it could burn a significant amount of calories. Depending on your intensity and duration, you can burn up to 300 and possibly more calories per hour. This intense workout also helps build muscle, which increases your metabolic rate and helps you burn even more calories. 

In addition to burning lots of calories, boxing can also provide you with a full body workout as it requires the use of all major muscles groups. Not only do you get a cardio benefit from boxing, but you also get an added strength building component as well.