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Best Boxing Exercises To Lose Weight & Burn Fat Ultimate Guide (Floyd Mayweather Workouts)


Are you looking for workouts to lose weight? Then you came to the right place. Learn how to be in fighting shape, with Mayweather’s workout boxing exercises.

Money May, is known for his trash-talking and his flawless untouchable defense in the ring. But he’s also known for his sickening work ethic in the gym, always coming in tip-top shape with ripped abs for every fight. 

As the undefeated world champion would say ‘hard work dedication’ and that’s what you’re going to need. Get ready to burn those fat calories!

Jump Rope

jump rope boxing exercises

The jump rope is a great workout tool that Floyd Mayweather uses to work on his footwork, cardiovascular endurance, and coordination during fight camp for an upcoming fight.

it’s a very popular workout that most boxers use as part of one the boxing exercises during their training.

This allows him to have elusive feet in the boxing ring against his opponents, Floyd’s jump roping skills are second to none, he’s able to do multiple tricks such as the boxer step, heel taps, side shuffle, running crossover, and many more. 

Decades of continuous repetition are the reason why Mayweather is able to display such amazing jump roping skipping skills so effortlessly.

 Even Floyd’s uncle Roger Mayweather said:

when you jump rope, you get in better shape.

Roger Mayweather

So if you want to be fitter and be in better shape start jump roping!

How long should you jump rope for a beginner?

Before you go out and start using the jump rope I would highly recommend learning the basics of jump roping so that you will develop good form, which would cut out bad habits. If you used a jump rope before but hardly used it, then I would suggest also learning the basics of the jump rope

After you have learned the basics and developed good form then it’s time to start jump roping.

Beginners who don’t have fitness can start to jump rope in intervals of 20 to 30 seconds, to help build stamina it’s important to build this up slowly instead of jumping rope for 1-hour straight without rest as a beginner. 

If you are a beginner or you are a regular gym-goer with a good fitness base then increase the duration and jump rope longer. Kollins Ezekh, a certified C.P.T., fitness expert, and program director at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness in Los Angeles recommends beginners to work out in intervals of one to five minutes.

The great thing about jumping rope is that you can jump rope anywhere as long as you have a good amount of space, but if you live in an apartment building then I would avoid it.

Because you don’t want to disturb neighbors, a great option would be to go to the nearest park or the gym.

What parts of your body does jump roping tone?

Jump roping is a great cardio workout that can get your blood pumping quickly throughout your body and strengthen your heart muscles.

Jumping rope can tone the upper and lower body primarily the calf muscles in the legs, other muscles in the legs get toned as well such as the hamstring and glutes.

Not only that but the abs, biceps, and shoulders in the upper body get toned also.

Does jumping rope slim your waist?

The more you jump rope regularly, the more calories you will burn and as a result, you will shred unwanted fat from your waist.

The reason why this weight loss exercise will help you burn fat on your stomach is because it increases your metabolic rate, metabolism basically helps you burn more calories for a long period of time while you’re at rest and doing nothing. 

So intensifying the exercise while jumping rope will help you burn more calories during the workout, which will also increase your metabolism even more which is the extra bonus that you can keep in mind when you start jumping rope.

Is Jump Rope bad for knees?

Jump roping is a low-impact exercise activity more than running, it can be bad for your knees depending on a few factors such as improper form, jumping too high, landing incorrectly, jumping surface, inactivity, and your current knee health.

How you jump and how high you jump can affect your knees positively or negatively. If you jump too high and land on your heels then you would be placing a lot of stress on your knees and ankles and usually, beginners tend to jump high due to lack of experience. 

The surface that you jump on can affect your knees, hard surfaces such as concrete, grass can increase the impact on your knees.

It is highly recommended to jump rope on a wooden floor or soft surfaces, if the only surface available to you is concrete then get a jump rope mat to decrease the impact on the knee joints and if you’re not able to get a mat then jump with proper form. 

If you haven’t exercised for a long period of time (several months or years) or never exercised before and you decided to jump rope.

Then you would most likely be placing stress on your knees because the joints and muscles in the body were likely stiff due to inactivity.

Before starting any exercise activity whether you are a beginner or an experienced jump roper it is advisable to always warm-up and stretch the body, to help the body be relaxed, be flexible and prevent injuries. 

The current state of your knee’s condition also plays a role when jump roping, issues such as knee arthritis, pain, and a knee injury could affect the knees when jump roping.

It would be best to skip the jump and focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles around the knee if you have knee pain, arthritis or you’re recovering from surgery or an injury.

According to osteoarthritis research, regular strength exercise and stretching can be beneficial and help reduce knee pain, an arthritis diet may also help individuals who have osteoarthritis. 

Overall jump roping is a great exercise especially when done correctly, it can help strengthen the lower leg muscles particularly the calf muscle and tendons.

When doing jump rope exercise, always aim to land on the balls of the foot, then let the heels touch the ground afterward.



Floyd Mayweather runs in his training camp to help develop his stamina for an upcoming fight, running is very important in boxing because it increases cardiovascular fitness and helps cut a fighter’s weight.

But with Mayweather’s work ethic he doesn’t struggle to lose weight and also is a natural lightweight. 

Mayweather likes to run at night after doing gym work such as sparring, strength exercises, etc during the daytime.

He rests and eats a meal before running at night, it would be too stressful for the body to do all exercises without rest. 

After I leave the gym I’ll go get a meal, I’ll rest a couple of hours then I’ll go out and run between, it varies 5 to 8 miles. Because it’s a cool down period and I like to run at my own speed.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

What running does to your body?

Running does a number of things for our body, you can firstly improve our aerobic capacity would you allow us to run longer.

Benefits will take a few weeks before your aerobic capacity is increased, running improves your mental health as well as releases chemicals called endorphins that make us feel good which reduces stress. 

Plus running provides other benefits such as better heart health which can reduce high blood pressure, especially when you supplement it with a healthy diet.

Improves cardiovascular health

Running improves cardiovascular health, this system refers to the heart, blood vessels, and blood.

Studies show the people who run regularly have slow resting pulse rates and a high VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen that a person can utilize during intense exercise. 

Studies also show that long-distance runners have larger thicker left ventricles making them more efficient than those who don’t run.

Athletes or active people with larger hearts are called “Athlete’s heart“, just not a medical condition;

it’s a cardiac condition seen in active people. It refers to the physiological changes a heart goes through in people who participate in repetitive cardiovascular exercises. 

Another benefit of running for cardiovascular health is that it reduces bad cholesterol in your blood, bad cholesterol is a fatty substance in the blood caused by eating unhealthy fatty foods.

Running also lowers high blood pressure which would reduce the risk of heart attack and other high blood pressure-related issues. 

According to the American college of cardiology, they found in a study that people who ran 30-minutes to an hour decreased the risk of cardiovascular death compared to people who don’t run at all.

Improves mood and mental well-being

Running has the effect of decreasing the risk for depression and anxiety.

After around 20 minutes of running, a release of endorphins, a chemical produced by your body goes into your bloodstream then travels to your muscles, to relieve them from stress and pain and the positive effect lasts for hours.

These chemicals also get released into our brains to give us a feeling of well-being and happiness.

According to the US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health research they conducted, shows that exercise such as running can alleviate symptoms of clinical depression.

Works leg muscles 

Most of the leg muscles are used in running, below is a list of the muscles used in running.

Leg muscles used in running:

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Calfs
  • Glutes
  • Hips

The quadricep muscle (thighs) is primarily used when you move your leg forward, these muscles absorb the shock of impact when your foot lands on the ground as you run.

The hamstrings which are the muscles at the back of your thigh are another muscle used in running. It helps bend your knee and lift your knee behind you. 

As for the lower leg muscles, the calf’s which consist of two muscles, the inner calf muscle called the soleus and the outer calf muscle called gastrocnemius helps your foot push off the ground as it lands.

The calf muscle also gives your stride some spring. 

Other muscles play your role in running, the glutes (buttocks) help expand the hips. Glutes, especially when they are strong, contribute to good running technique.

The hips play a vital role in running, they help the quadriceps and hamstrings to move and they also stabilize the body.

Can I burn fat by running?

Running is an effective way to burn fat compared to other exercises for weight loss.

The reason that running is more effective than exercise is that people that run burn more calories every minute than those who ride a bicycle, swim, or do other exercises. 

A study, conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found out that runners were slimmer than those who did the same amount of any type of non-runners physical activity.

So that helps validate that not only running burns fat but does it more than any other exercise.

Should I run on an empty stomach?

Running on an empty stomach means running without eating beforehand which applies to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The reason why it applies to those things is that people can decide to run on an empty stomach at different times.

It doesn’t pose any health risks however it is recommended to drink some liquids such as water, coffee, tea, or any low-calorie liquids. 

People or experienced runners who are relatively fit can usually tolerate running without food or any calorie intake.

Anyone who decides to run on an empty stomach will burn fat but it doesn’t mean that you would burn more fat than if you ate beforehand. 

A study published in 2014, by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition researchers found out that there was no difference in body composition between runners who ate before running and runners who did not run but fasted instead. 

For novice runners or people with no experience, it is not recommended to run on an empty stomach but rather progress to that level so that your body will be able to tolerate running on an empty stomach.

And for such runners, it is important to eat food that is rich in complex carbohydrates before running to improve glycogen reserves, which are fuel for your muscles that your body uses for intense exercises. 

Running on an empty stomach is best for 60-minute runs at a low intensity if you’re a novice or non-experienced and if you decide to run without food, hydrate lightly during running to avoid stomach upset and eat immediately after the workout. 

Is jogging for 30 minutes enough to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, jogging for 30-minutes can definitely help you but consistency is key.

The more you jog, the more effective your weight loss goal will be, it is recommended to run at least 5 days a week for half an hour runs to shred those pounds off your body.

If you’re a beginner with little experience It’s important to work your way up to 5-days, so a good place to start is by running 2-3 days a week and building up from there to help your body adapt and develop to tolerate running 5 days a week.

A few key points to note, your body composition and how fast you run doing 30-minutes will determine how many calories you’ll burn during the half an hour jog.

The faster you run the more calories you burn but if you don’t have the cardiovascular endurance to run at a fast pace then it’s best to start off slow.

Harvard health publishing released a great table that lists calories burned while running and several other physical activities for 30 minutes. 

Below is a table that we put together showing the calories burnt when running for 30-minutes based on the results collected by Harvard health publishing to help you see how jogging is beneficial for weight loss:

Physical Activity125-pound person (56.7 kg)155-pound person(70.3 kg)185-pound person(83.9 kg)
Running: 5 mph (12 min/mile)240 calories288 calories288 calories
Running: 6 mph (10 min/mile)495 calories360 calories420 calories
Running: 7.5 mph (8 min/mile)375 calories450 calories525 calories
Running: 10 mph (6 min/mile)453 calories562 calories671 calories

Most importantly, the calories that you intake will ultimately contribute to losing weight at the end of the day.

So sticking to a daily reduced calorie intake will shed those pounds combined with the physical activity you do.

In 1958 researcher Max Wishnofsky, MD found out there is approximately 3,500 kcal in a 1 lb of fat, since then many dietitians and other people who have written books have repeated the same things and made it popular. 

As you lose weight over time the metabolic rate which is the number of calories that your body burns when at rest decreases over time.

And that’s if you’re even losing weight because if you are not consistently sticking to a lower calorie diet then you’ll not make progress.

Gender, height, and weight lifestyle play a role in weight loss management.

To help solve this issue, National Institutes of Health senior investigator Kevin Hall and other colleagues have developed a bodyweight simulator for those who want to lose weight.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults each week to get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity and that’s 30 minutes for 5 days a week of jogging, which can provide multiple health benefits.

So it makes sense to jog half an hour for five days a week to burn that fat.

Is it better to run in the morning or evening?

There’s no evidence suggesting running in the morning or evening is better, it’s a matter of preference some people prefer to start their day by running in the morning because of work commitments in the evenings.

And other people prefer to run in the evenings maybe because they don’t like getting out of bed early in the morning so they run in the evening. 

There’s a multitude of factors for why someone would want to run in the morning or evening, if you have commitments in the evening after work then it would be best for you to run an hour or two before preparing to go to work. 

But If you’re somebody that has the time and is able to run in the evenings then it would be best suited for you to do that.

An important thing to know is some people found it difficult to sleep at night to solve any sleeping issues exercise physiologist Mike T. Nelson suggests going out and getting 20 minutes of sunlight in the morning or a sauna after an evening run to help cool your body down to help promote sleep.

What is the healthiest distance to run?

A healthy distance to run is 3-4 miles (4.8km-6.4km), if you’re an active person that participates in sporting activities involving running or if you even consider yourself to be athletic then it’s recommendable to run 3-4 miles at a comfortable pace.

But if you have been inactive or a beginner, start your running journey by walking to see if your joints are fine and without issues and if they are then start to run and mix it up with walking. 

So an example would be 2 minutes of running (at a very comfortable pace) and 4 minutes of walking for 20 minutes, and when your body is strong enough then you can continually run.

As for the distance, aim for 1-3 miles (1.6km-4.8km) and gradually build up to 3-4 miles.

The best way to add more mileage for new runners is to run more frequently every second week an example would be running 1 mile at week 1 and then increasing the mileage on week 2 by running 3 miles.

This will help new runners gain more cardiovascular endurance and more confidence even active sedentary people can benefit from this method of training.

Should I run before or after a workout?

To lose weight it is recommended to run after your workout, working out before running will deplete your body’s glycogen stores. The cells in our muscles store glycogen which is a form of glucose.

If the body needs some energy then glucose is released into the bloodstream after it’s broken down from glycogen afterward it becomes ATP and is used as energy during intense workouts such as resistance training or weight training. 

And then when you run last after working out, it will be a bonus because your body will use the fat stores in your body as energy which in turn will boost your body to burn fat. 

The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume.

While running after a workout is good for burning fat, you won’t burn a huge amount of calories because the intensity of the cardio is low unless you run at a high pace for half an hour which would require great endurance. 

The best way to burn more calories is to workout and run more frequently throughout the week, but it’s also important to allow your body to rest so that you can recover and workout again. 

Is it bad to run everyday?

While running is great and provides numerous health benefits such as reducing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and other multiple benefits.

But running every day could cause wear and tear in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 

Possible things you might experience are muscle soreness, inflammation, and other injuries, that’s why it’s important to rest your body to allow your body to recover for your next run. 

If you plan to run frequently, running 3-5 days a week is ideal which would give your body enough time to recoup and get stronger, and stretching your muscles daily is an added benefit because it will reduce the risk of injuries.

Bodysuit work

bodysuit boxing exercise

Floyd usually gets former heavyweight professional boxer, Nate Jones, to wear the body protector and begins to throw hard body shots on the suit.

This boxing exercise allows Mayweather to work on a variety of punches to the body, punching the opponent’s body breaks them down and reduces their movement around the ring.

After fishing pad work, Mayweather goes straight into the body pad training, hitting the suit hard continuously for several minutes.

It’s a very intense boxing exercise for anybody, especially those who don’t have as much endurance as Mayweather has. If you want to get your heart pumping hard and burn some fat try this workout.

Double End Bag

double end bag

When you see Floyd hitting the double end bag, some might say ‘pshh that looks easy’ but if you actually try it especially at the pace Mayweather goes at, you’ll find that in fact, it’s far from easy.

Because this workout demands great hand-eye coordination and accuracy, Mayweather has mastered the double end bag by the cumulative years of training building up a high level of efficient hand-eye coordination.

What does a double end bag do?

What the double end bag does is work on hand-eye coordination which is essential in the sport of boxing, having good hand-eye coordination will allow you to have good head movement and upper movement control to help evade punches with ease.

Depending on the intensity of the workout, it’s recommended that you begin slowly as a beginner to get used to it and improve your hand-eye coordination and then gradually increase the speed.

Even at a moderate pace for 15-20 minutes will make you sweat and help burn those calories you want to lose, it will also improve your stamina if you hit the bag continuously for several minutes a session and several times a week.

Speed Bag

speed bag boxing exercise

In preparation for Conor McGregor in an open workout at the Mayweather Gym, while holding a cup of Pepsi Floyd was looking away while hitting the speed bag at blazing speeds with one hand and doing a little trash talk with pure ease.

The skills Mayweather displayed are from decades of hitting the speed bag, the speed bag is a boxing exercise that helps sharpen Mayweather’s hand and eye coordination.

What does the speed bag do for you?

Apart from Floyd Mayweather, numerous fighters around the world use the speed bag during their workouts.

The speed bag is not only helpful with sharpening your hand-eye coordination but is an essential and fundamental tool for developing rhythm. 

When you use the speed bag, you have to keep your hands up and alternate your hand one at a time in a circular motion well hitting the bag.

But in order for you to do it correctly, you have to hit the bag in a timely manner which is when you develop the rhythm. 

A speed bag is a training tool that offers many benefits including building hand reflexes, teaching coordination, and enhancing cardio. Try this boxing exercise and burn those calories!

Shadow Boxing With Weights

Shadow boxing exercise

For Money May’s upcoming bout with McGregor, in a packed gym full of media and fans flashing their cameras trying to get a glimpse of Mayweather as he was throwing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts with fluidity but with light-weighted dumbbells in his hands visualizing his opponent in front of him. 

Shadow boxing is a boxing exercise that allows a fighter to practice the skills they have learned in training, there’s a multitude of things they can work on such as footwork, head movement, and combinations.

Does shadow boxing burn belly fat?

Aside from a fighter practicing their skills, shadow boxing can even be used to increase their cardiovascular fitness and at the same time burn calories. 

Punching the air for at least half an hour, throwing a variety of punches, and adding some head movement will have you drenched in sweat especially when you’re using dumbbells to shadow box it makes the workout more intense. 

Not only will you burn belly fat but you will burn body fat overall!

Ab Roller

The ab roller wheel workout is one of the ab exercises that Floyd does to strengthen his ab muscles, in the sport of boxing it is essential to have strong core muscles to withstand punches to the body. 

In a 40 second clip Mayweather goes on his knees and rolls the ab wheel with his body going forward and backward doing 12 repetitions.

It looked like he was done doing other exercises before the ab wheel workout because he was sweating heavily which shows his hard work and dedication to his craft.

Does ab roller reduce belly fat?

With correct form, the right number of repetitions, sets, and intensity the ab wheel roller will work your core muscles and burn enough calories for you to lose belly fat. 

It’s all about quality and not quantity.

That’s why I mentioned having the correct form in the beginning, when performing this exercise it’s important to take risks in between sets to allow your core muscles to recover and complete the set. 

Doing this workout at least three times a week should be effective, you can start to increase the number of works when your form is great.

For beginners, 10 reps and 3 sets is a good place to start and then if you can do more than that comfortably you work your way up to 30 reps.

What muscles does the ab roller work?

The ab wheel roller primarily works the abdominal muscles. The six-pack can be worked out like the crunch exercise based on research from Ace Fitness which shows how effective the ab wheel roller can be.

But there are other muscles that are used; it works your back, shoulders, triceps, and hips.

Sit Ups

Sit ups

There are two variations of sit-ups that Floyd Mayweather Jr does, the first variation are normal sit-ups that he usually does on an incline bench or he would do sit-ups on the ground. 

As for the second variation, Floyd would have someone hold his legs while Mayweather is on the ground he would do a sit up and then stand up squat down go on the ground, and then repeat. 

They are called Mayweather sit-ups stand up, since Mayweather is probably the first athlete and boxer seen doing this advanced and unique ab workout because it doesn’t only work the abdominals but the leg muscles as well.

The sit-ups are already intense but standing up in squatting down makes the exercise even tougher. 

In preparation for Conor McGregor in 2017, Floyd Mayweather was interviewed by a sports presenter and also Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. 

The Mexican boxing legend was astonished and intrigued.

He wanted to know how Floyd got in such great shape, Mayweather responded and said he did over 400 sit-ups and repeated it again the following day which allows his body to recover. 

I work out at home when nobody’s watching, that’s real character. I do 440 push ups, 440 sit ups, I do it one day then I take a day off then I do it the next day, then take a day off

floyd mayweather

Do sit ups help you lose belly fat?

Just like any other exercise the more calories you burn than you consume, you will burn fat.

With a healthy diet, running and a regular sit up routine you will definitely burn belly fat, what sit-ups actually does is make your belly toned by strengthening and working the abdominal muscles to make them pop out more.

How many sit ups should I do a day?

If you are inexperienced or a beginner who has never done sit-ups or any abdominal exercise before, doing 10 to 30 and 4 sets of sit-ups based on your physique is a good place to start. 

The reason I mentioned physique is if you have a lot of belly fat then it would be best to focus on following a healthy diet and cardio such as running, jump rope, etc to help you lose weight in the mid-section area. 

And don’t forget to rest at least 30 seconds to 1 minute after completing your set to allow yourself to recover from the burning sensation.

You might feel which is the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles so that you can continue your next set. 

When you start up to progress you can increase the repetitions and hopefully one day when you have great core strength you can do 440 sit-ups like Floyd Mayweather!

To perform a sit up you can lay your back on the ground or a flat surface that is comfortable for you, bend your knees with your feet on the ground it’s even better if you have a workout partner or an object to help anchor your feet to the ground this is to help you perform to sit up easier. 

Alternatively, you can use a sit up bench in a park that’s available to you to use or if you are a gym-goer you can use an incline bench to do sit-ups.

Once your feet are anchored to the ground or anchored on the sit up/incline bench, place both hands behind your neck and lift your torso off the ground or bench while exhaling out at the same time and inhaling while going down to the ground.

If you find it uncomfortable or you feel some pain, you can do crunches instead.

Push Ups

push ups

Push ups Exercise is a strength training exercise that can be done by increasing the number of repetitions done in a set amount of time or by adding weight to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Push-ups exercise is a type of exercise that is mainly done to strengthen and tone the muscles in the chest.

What are push ups good for?

Push ups Exercise is a great exercise to increase upper body strength. It can also help with fat loss because it helps burn calories and strengthen the core muscles if done with the proper form.

Which muscles do push ups work?

Push ups Exercise works the muscles in your arms, back, shoulders, chest, and abs.

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips

The tricep dips is a tricep strength training exercise that can be done by increasing the number of repetitions done in a set amount of time or by adding weight to increase the intensity of the exercise. 

Tricep dips are a type of exercise that Mayweather does to mainly strengthen and tone the muscles in the arms for punching power in the ring.

What do dips work?

Tricep Dips exercise works the triceps (back of upper arms) and the pectoral muscles (chest).

The dip exercise is actually a compound workout that works a lot more than one muscle group, dips are often excellent for working a number of your top body system strengths. 

They’re a great enhancement to your upper body, shoulders, and upper arm day workout sessions.

Whether you are often in a gym or outside or even at your residence, there is usually a piece of home or park equipment/device that you may make use of to add dips to.

Are dips for chest or triceps?

Tricep Dips Exercise works both chest and triceps. Dips are an exceptional exercise that works on both the chest muscle and the triceps muscles;

it also simply depends on how you execute the workout. 

Along with a few adjustments in angles and arm stance, you may alternate the focus in between those muscle parts relying on your objectives.

How do you dip without a bar?

If you want to do dips without the bars, then a chair or bench dips are a great replacement for bar dips.

To do this dip exercise differently, rest on a chair or a bench and also area your hands on the front side of the seat. 

Walk your feet onward until your buttocks are often off the chair, your lower legs are often out with the face of your palms usually behind you.

Make sure your elbows are 90 degrees and without your elbows straighten when you’re lowering yourself down.

This is to prevent elbow injuries which is why you don’t straighten your arms.

Chair dips are a little easier than parallel dips, however, the chair dips still target all three heads of your triceps.

Can I do dips everyday?

You can do dips each day, but eventually the muscles in your arms, your shoulders, and chest will wear out.

So instead of doing it every day, separate the workout on different days to allow your body to rest and recover.

Pull Ups

Pull ups

The pull-up workout is a compound movement exercise that works the upper body. The pull-up is actually a compound exercise where the physical body is hanging through the hands and pulls up.

Floyd does this exercise to strengthen his back and pull-ups help his punching power in the ring.

As this takes place, the elbow joints flex and also the shoulders adduct and also prolong to bring the elbow joints to the torso.

What are pull ups good for?

Pull-ups are not good but great for a number of things. One of them is grip strength, it’s essential for everyday living and a variety of other activities, which is why pull-ups are so beneficial.

Obviously, you have to have the strong grip strength to execute a pull-up, but they also go a long way toward building that grip strength.

Consider this: your hands and fingers must support the whole weight of your body, which provides superior grip strength training than any other method.

Another significant advantage of practicing pull-ups is that they strengthen your back muscles, as we may have discussed previously.

Having bigger back muscles, on the other hand, isn’t only for show or to feel good about being jacked; it really leads to a far better existence.

Because you can more easily hold yourself up with stronger back muscles, you will have better posture. People don’t like it when you’re slouched!

How do beginners learn pull ups?

  1. Begin by standing beneath a pull-up bar. Position your hands more than shoulder width distance with your palms in an overhand position. If standing on the floor won’t allow you to reach the bar, lay a box beneath you and stand on it instead. You’re at your beginning position once your hands are gripping the bar.
  1. Exhale after inhaling. Lift your feet off the floor or the box and hang from the bar, engaging your core by pushing your belly button in toward your spine. Make sure your shoulders are back and firm.
  1. Bend your elbows and elevate your upper body toward the bar until your chin is over the bar, using the muscles in your arms and back. If it makes the action simpler, consider moving your elbows closer to your hips. Try to keep your lower body still as much as you can  when you’re moving. Throughout the workout, ensure your shoulders stay downward.
  1. Inhale at the top of the movement. As you move down, go back to the original position.

Is it OK to do pull ups everyday?

You will notice a few effects if you opt to make pull-ups every day, though they are probably less than if you had time between sessions to recuperate.

Nevertheless, you also run the danger of overwork-related results.

The possible consequences, good or bad, will rely on your history, your present physical fitness and your physical reaction to the training.

How many pull ups should I do a day?

The amount of pull-ups you should perform is dependent on strengthening or increasing endurance.

A study was conducted by colleagues and they demonstrated that those who did 3-5 reps and 4 sets were getting greater power and People who did two sets of 20-28 reps were able to do more reps because their endurance increased.

If your objective is to be stronger than you would do fewer reps with some weight on a pull up weight belt or a backpack filled with weight of your choice.

And on the other hand if you decide that you want endurance then you would do high reps of pull ups with your own bodyweight.

How many calories does pull ups burn?

The average number of calories burned by completing intense resistance pull-ups exercise is around 7 calories or more each minute, CDC conducted the study and Arizona State found that the results were consistent.

Chopping Wood

Chopping wood

Chopping wood is a workout that can burn a lot of calories. Back in 2015 while training for Manny Pacquiao, Floyd went old skool by chopping wood to help strengthen his back and core for the fight.

This old school boxing exercise was also featured in the iconic boxing movie rocky!

What muscles does chopping wood work?

Chopping wood is one of the finest workouts for developing total-body strength because it engages all muscles in your midsection.

Because this exercise routine involves numerous moves, this activity will build strength in your shoulders, back, and hips while also helping you develop your equilibrium.

Is chopping wood dangerous?

Chopping wood can be dangerous, you must recognise that cutting wood is fundamentally risky. There is always the potential of harm while swinging an axe or even breaking an axe into the air.

You may, however, take precautions to reduce this danger. It is critical to wear thick pants and shoes.

How do you chop wood safely?

  1. Stand at the distance from the log on your feet approximately a foot apart, such that if your arm is completely stretched the axis head strikes the log. Relax and lean forward. 
  1. Start your swing by stretching your hands as you take the axis above and almost slide your top hand to the axis head. Hold the head of the axis so that the log is hit at an angle of around 45 degrees. Rotate to the top of your hand slightly (right or left).
  1. Turn the axe head to face forward when it reaches the greatest point of the arc. As you finish the down stroke make sure  your hands are back together. To make a deep strike on the wood, use your heel. Allow your momentum and the weight of the axe to perform the majority of the job. Drag the axe toward you taking full advantage of it. You can release an axe head that has been caught in the log by pulling up on the other side of the handle. Repeat the process as needed, making little changes as needed, until you are happy.
  1. Make a V-shaped notch in the log to continue cutting it. On alternate strokes or every two swings, angle the axe head roughly 90 degrees in the other direction. With each swing, try to extract only a tiny chip or slice.It may take some time for you to master the art of cutting wood with an axe. Regularly practise your swing until it becomes a smooth, fluid action, and keep in mind that an axe is a potentially hazardous instrument even when handled properly.


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